LAUNCH #Event & Retail

Lightness that carries the weight of the future

A closed-door event to unveil the world’s lightest compact business convertible – the HP Elite Dragonfly.

The Opportunity
It's time to rediscover the freedom of work in the new era.

The demands of modern work mean we need a definitive modern device experience that carries our vision of the future, contains the best technologies we have for the demands of modern work, and brings a new kind of lightness, style and confidence to the way we work.

The Solution

To create a unique visual feast and put "lightness" at the heart of the experience, we elevated the HP Elite Dragonfly Launch with uplifting aerial and trick eye performances, followed by "Lightness-themed" experiential zones for attendees to explore the laptop's key benefits.

We created an audiovisual, multimedia showcase for the senses.
Experiential zones:
Levitating exhibit

As the instagrammable product pedestal

3-dimensional photo booth

To capture attendees in 'mid-air'

Security lab

To show the technology behind the world’s most secure pcs

The Result
Raising the bar on product launches.

To usher in a new era of mobility with the HP Elite Dragonfly, we got attendees buzzing about a revolutionary new product by immersing them in a story centred on lightness.

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