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Empowering SMBS to be unstoppable

A 360° campaign to bring together a community of inspiring entrepreneurs and founders, celebrate their success and empower them.

The Opportunity
We wanted to create a wealth of great Singapore SMB stories.

To position HP as the technology partner for digital growth, we wanted to celebrate the indomitable spirit of SMBs by telling their humanizing stories of success, and showcase HP’s partnership in enabling their transformation journey as they go digital.

The Solution
Behind the success stories of many SMBs is an unstoppable spirit.
Behind the success stories of many SMBs is an unstoppable spirit.

To tell the SMB growth story, we developed various success story videos centred around their challenges, culture, communities and commitment to their visions, instead of just products. These videos also served as an entry to a new content hub – HP for Business – that was constantly updated with the latest insights, promotions and blog articles or how SMBs can adapt and thrive in a digital future.

Over 8 million impressions on Facebook

Across the entire campaign and its various phases, we also used a dynamic content approach to nurture interest in the campaign across different topics such as productivity, cost savings, cybersecurity and more – encouraging engagement for retargeted audiences.

Webinar: Change in a Fast-Forward World

In a world where everything has changed and everyone has to change, HP sought to help businesses take a quick pause and find the answers to questions that have no precedent. To make that happen, we conceptualized, developed and hosted a webinar that addressed the most disruptive challenges of our core business functions – from Workforce to HR to Finance – something hugely relevant to SMBs at the time.

Total number of attendees: 179


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